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(Summertime & December)

Mon - Sat 10am - 4pm
(Winter hours)

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Underlined names are linked to Artist's websites.
We endeavour to keep this list as current as possible. Please contact  us if you find anything amiss!


Jo Lilley - Fibre Artist

Gilly Hopson - Photography

Percy Lizzard - Paintings

Clarie Waters - Glass

Jason Fermor - Woodwork

Plaxy Arthur - Pottery

Sue Vezey - Paintings and Textiles

Bundy Riley - Organic Skincare

Maxine Chandler - Glass

Jack Lewis - Falconry Hoods

Caroline Hughes - Paintings & Ceramics

Des Alner - Ceramics

Cali Norton - Paintings

Melonie Marshall - Textiles

Richard Lonnon - Ceramics

Sarah Robinson - Paintings

Anthony Atwood - Paintings

Lisa South - Calligraphy

Lindsay Keir - Paintings

Patrick Riley - Paintings

Elisabeth Selwood - Beadwork

Maggie Wyman - Paintings

Jess Sims - Feltwork

Barry Hopkins - Paintings

Alan Rutter - Sculpture

Julia Carvalho - Ceramics

Julie Turner - Candles

Dave Martin - Photography

Yve Sturgeon - Paintings and Sculpture

Henry's Buttons - Dorset Buttons

Zara McQueen - Paintings

Ann Wilson - Ceramics

Rachel Raine - Jewellery

Jane Alyson Smart - Illustration

Emily Van Eesteren - Ceramics
Roz Legge - Felting

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